Private Label

The private label product meets the specific needs of each customer

Hypodermic needles and customised packaging Our quality. Your name.

With an innovative manufacturing facility, Tecnofar Needles can also supply a customisable private label product, meeting specific customer requirements with a wide range of standard and non-standard sizes and a choice of European and American threaded needles.

1. Choose the needle

from needles with European thread or needles with American thread.

2. Choose the customisation

We can print the “name” on the needle, as well as the production batch, expiry date and printed size.

3. Choose the packaging

Packaging is directly into boxes customised with your Visual Identity.

Materials and features

Stainless steel cannulas with silicon-coated, triple-sharpened tips.

Threaded polypropylene cone.

Sterilisation by gamma rays or ethylene oxide.

Production batch, expiry date and size printed directly on the needle for quick identification.

Tip orientation indicator printed on the cone (allows the exact direction of the anaesthetic to be known).

Needles individually packed in boxes of 100 pieces.

Packaging and packing

The needles are packaged in boxes of 100 pcs contained in an additional secondary packaging and final packaging with corrugated cardboard.


Available sizes and types

Download detailed measurements and technical information on Sirio dental needle cannulas manufactured by Tecnofar.


Compliant, tested and safe

The disposable dental sector requires the highest quality standards to ensure safe and efficient performance for doctors, dentists, dental technicians and their patients. For this reason, Tecnofar Needles products are individually tested and comply with all reference standards for disposable dental anaesthetic needles.


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