Sirio Green

High quality needles that create value for your business: a constant commitment to our research.

Sirio Green disposable dental needles They have always been excellent. And now, they are also Green.

The Sirio line is the excellence of the Tecnofar Needles division in the high-end market of disposable dental anaesthetic needles. However, we clearly felt the need to make our supply chain even more green, and we started with the packaging. The stainless steel from which our Sirio Green needles are made is itself one of the most recyclable materials, and now the paper used for our boxes is also FSC Mixed certified, indicating that the wood or paper inside the product comes from FSC certified material, recycled and/ or controlled wood material (no less than 70% certified and/or Recycled materials). Choosing Sirio Green means choosing sustainability.

Materials and features

Stainless steel cannulas with triple silicon-coated tip. Polypropylene threaded cone. Gamma or ethylene oxide sterilisation. Production batch, expiry date and size printed directly on the needle for quick identification. Tip orientation indicator printed on the cone (allows the exact direction of the anaesthetic to be known). Needles individually packed in boxes of 100 pieces.

Packaging and packing

The needles are packaged in boxes of 100 pcs contained in an additional secondary packaging and final packaging with corrugated cardboard.


Available sizes and types

Download detailed measurements and technical information on Sirio dental needle cannulas manufactured by Tecnofar.


The Plus Points that make Sirio stand out in the market


ZERO PAIN sharpening, making every dentist's job easier;


Perfectly silicone-coated needle outer surface for a pain-free patient experience.

Travel horizontal axis [mm]

the cannula penetration time. Every 10mm corresponds to 1 second

Strength vertical axis [V/cm]

Electric field strength. Each 10 mm corresponds to 0.1 Volt

Needle penetration phases

From the placing in place to the punching of the test membrane.

Sirio XL is the dental anesthesia needle that reduces the pressure level during injection.

Sirio XL

· Increased suction
· Wide-hole design
· 43% wider than a standard needle
· Requires less pressure during injection

Compliant, tested and safe

The disposable dental sector requires the highest quality standards to ensure safe and efficient performance for doctors, dentists, dental technicians and their patients. For this reason, Tecnofar Needles products are individually tested and comply with all reference standards for disposable dental anaesthetic needles.


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